Lamborghini Reventón Review.

The Lamborghini Reventon
one of the most exclusive
 cars in the world. 
so here is my review on the reventon
in need for speed world enjoy.

(keep in mind that the race is one
i do not like a lot i wish they would bring back all the tracks)

This video was done with the help of
 Hawkwindkev thanks.

Volkswagen Scirocco

A sneak peak at my racing vinyls. On my Volkswagen Scirocco in Need For Speed World. Keep an eye on my youtube channel for the tutorial.

Introduction to Drag mode in need for speed world part 2 the Toyota Supra "Street Mod" Edition

this is part 2 in a series of videos about drag where i am
covering everything about drag in need for speed world
in this video i start to look at the Toyota Supra “Street Mod” Edition
and give you a fair idea about the car. It's pretty straight forward stuff.
Drag cars are drag cars and thats all there is to it.
I would not expect anything else from a drag car so in my book, it lives up to its 

Introduction to Drag mode in need for speed world part 1

Hi guys this video i show you the new
 drag mode in need for speed world
and the new manual shift and 
a few new features in drag.
A big thanks to everyone in my video.

Halloween in need for speed world

Its almost halloween and need for speed world have add some cool decorations and there is rumors that there is still more to come !

My new videos

I made a few videos this week here is two of them a vinyl tutorial on the scion tc and a review on the porsche  911 gt3 rs 4.0.
You can see all my other youtube videos on my channel check it out.
i have always got something new and fresh.
I am now racing harder designing better to bring you
the best i can bring.  

Need for Speed World GT500 Supersnake

Hi guys This video's about the GT500 Supersnake. An icon from Need for speed the run.
Its currently available as a top up gift but is retired in-game. I want to say thank you to CYCLONE4LIFE for being in my video.

Marussia B2

The Marussia B2 debuts in Need for speed world. the second  Russian supercar ever made.

Here is a brief look at the Marussia B2 in need for speed world
One of the most uniquely styled Russian supercars.
I take it for a sprint and show you how it performs.

The Scion Tc juggernaut in need for speed world.

Hi guys this video is about the scion tc
in need for speed world.I use my scion to test part combos 
out on, watch the video i'll explain why !
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Nexen euro drift vinyl mirrored

A vinyl i made that you can mirror and it looks good on both sides.

Bullet Racing Porsche

My Bullet Racing Porsche replica vinyl in need for speed world

Fredric Aasbo's Team Need for Speed Scion tC

Pictures of a version of  Fredric Aasbo's Team Need for Speed Scion tC i created in need for speed world 
video coming soon.