Porsche Carrera GT first look In need for speed world.

Hi guys so theres a new Porsche in
need for speed world it seems people are unhappy with the car 
I dont know why. its a good car. if every time a new car came out 
and it was the fastest car in the game. it would be Pay to win.
Plus theres not that much wrong with it. so i made this first look video
so you can see for yourself. So please enjoy my Porsche Carrera GT first
 look In need for speed world.

Nissan Nismo R34GT-R Z-Tune

Better late then never ! 
Just got my hands on this awesome car keep watching you tube for new videos coming 

Lamborghini murcielago LP670 SV Nitto Vinyl tutorial. Need for speed World

Hi guys this is my 
Lamborghini murcielago LP670 SV Nitto tyres
Vinyl tutorial. Need for speed World. It's an easy vinyl
and i recommend it for Beginners. I based it 
on some concept art i seen in 
a Drift allstars Forum. enjoy.

The Ask Marc De vellis car !

The Dev's at Need for Speed World work hard to keep the game running smooth, fresh and 
up to date with fresh content. so naturally being a fan of the ask Marc you tube videos. 
I have taken up the task of  creating the ask mark car ! 
so i have posted some picture's of things i have come up with so far.
when i have completed the car i will post a video tutorial on you tube so you guys can drive around in your 
own ask Marc car !
And as for NFS Drew I'm planning to do you next.  

OK i finished this a bit earlier than i thought heres the new pics of marc and drew.

Some of my cars in Need for speed World

Hi guys these cars i have finished i like the way they look and now i will have to get more speed boost buy more cars and come up with new designs for you. If you want to see videos on any of these cars check out my youtube channel. if you would like me to make a tutorial on a custom design send me a picture through facebook and i'll see what i can do.  

The 3 Zonda's form need for speed world

Zonda Cinque

Zonda F

Zonda Roadster F

For Zonda fan's these are the must own cars in the game. Do you think need for speed will add the Zonda Tricolore or the Zonda Cinque Roadster next ? If you own one you should know that the  Zonda Cinque is still the fastest car in the game. sitting on top of the S class, it drives good with its superior top speed and acceleration, This super responsive Zonda is a must have.  It is an adrenaline fuelled car  with its sleek Italian looks it sets you  back 9,000 speed boosts !Its a must have car for the season racer. 
The Zonda F resembles the cinque racing ability with a slightly lower top speed with ultra tuning performance parts this car is still a fierce competitor for its class. 
 The Zonda F roadster is a V.I.P edition car  its cosmic NOS boost and its acceleration, top speed is slightly better then the Zonda F, with its red interior and carbon fibre body this is the best looking Zonda in the game. E.A awarded its V.I.P players this limited edition car for purchasing above 17,000 speed boosts in one purchase. They emailed the car code and was available for limited time only. if you haven't race a Zonda i recommend you go and buy one and hit the tracks!!